Mother's Devotion 0.02 Early Access!

Mother's Devotion 0.02 Early Access

Good Day everyone! 

Im happy to announce the next update for my game Mother's Devotion!

Allot has been added to the Game. Before I go over the nice details on what has been added, I would like to explain the Early Access.

What is Early Access?

I offer perks on my Patreon and Subscribestar for followers and one of them is the Early Access Perk.

Subscribers get to play the Game earlier then other's, while other's have to wait for the Free Version to come out!

Or, if you dont want to wait, you can pay for the Early Access version!

First 5 days the Game costs 5euro and after 5 day's its available to everyone!

What is in V0.02?

Here is the full Changelog to 0.02:

  • I made grammar my bitch! I went trough the last version and corrected many...many....many mistakes I had done. I also changed up some sentences, to make reading easier.
  • You can Skip the Intro now (For experienced Players)
  • Over a 150 new Renders
  • The Game contains nearly 10.000 Words
  • You can find the new In - Game Walkthrough in Clarissa's Bedroom
  • I changed some text and changed some story, nothing major. Future content will now make more sense and you will be able to guess, what is coming.
  • I have changed some of the text in the Intro. Nothing important, just some changes regarding something Emma says, while having her Coffee with the MC.
  • I have updated and extended the in-game guide available in Clarissa's bedroom.
  • I have added Sarah's next weekend event.
  • I have added and extended the Nightclub. After your second weekend with Sarah, talk to her and then you will unlock the Nightclub and can meet 3 new people.
  • I have added two new events with Harish and his Taxi. After you have visited the Club, you will meet him and then decided how you want to pay him.
  • I have continued the Office and added some new scenes, with regards to the new Location.
  • In the Nightclub there are two males and one women. Have fun with them.
  • After meeting Liam, Clarissa can touch herself in the bedroom.
  • I have extended the the Office content with all the employees.
  • Michaels first date is available. Once you have done some work for him, he will ask you out for a date. After he asked, you can choose the date on the weekend.
  • First Gym event with Esperanza is available, which opens up the Gym, where you can do some Yoga.
  • Added Subscriber Content (Decided by Poll)

This is allot to process, but believe me worth to swallow :D 

What is next?

My plans for the next version are, to add content to the Family! Specifically two members, the Daughter and her youngest son.

I have a poll going on right now, where you can decide, which route you want to see next regarding Max, the youngest son.

You can find more about it here or here

I hope you are as excited as me for the next release! In the meantime, why dont you have a look at my new Website

Or have a look at what other Perks I offer to my Follower.

Until then! Stay Safe. Stay Healthy!

With all my love,

Your Fluffy


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